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Agriculture for Life (Ag for Life) is a charitable organization dedicated to building a greater understanding and appreciation of agriculture and its fundamental connection to life. 

Agriculture and food production is critical to every aspect of life, whether you are a city-dweller, a canola-grower, rancher or tend to a backyard garden. It is our mission to educate and inspire people of all ages to understand the integral role agriculture plays in society, the environment and the economy. 

Since 2011, Ag for Life has been a leading voice in the promotion of agriculture, food, health and safety education. Through partnerships and collaboration, we develop, expand and offer high quality educational programming to children, youth and adults.

Ag for Life is both a grant-making and a programmatic charity. Through its small grant program, we have provided funding in excess of one million dollars towards the development and delivery of hands-on education projects with schools, non-profits and community and agricultural associations that serve youth across Alberta. 

Funded projects have included: 

  • Classroom Agriculture Program

  • Little Green Thumbs

  • Alberta Open Farm Days

  • Growing Minds 

  • City Slickers

  • Safety Days

  • Young Farm Workers Safety Training

  • Farm Tours

In addition to program delivery, we provide mentorship, advice, and guidance for groups that share our mission. This includes program development and delivery support, industry connections, and hosting our annual education think-tank that unites like-minded groups and offers a platform for sharing, professional development and networking. 

To date we have supported and delivered over half a million agriculture education lessons in both urban and rural communities across the province. Our delivery platforms include: 

  • In the classroom

  • In the kitchen

  • In the garden

  • At farm, ranch, business and community locations

  • At events, fairs and festivals

  • Online via our eLearning Labs, webinars, blogs and social media platforms

We believe everyone should understand and appreciate where their food comes from and that those farm families working hard to produce our food stay safe and injury free.


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