What's in your lunch box?

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With school heading back into session it's time to start thinking about what you are going to eat for lunch.


Canada’s food guide encourages Canadians to eat a variety of healthy foods. 

Look at the image below, it suggests that half of your plate should be filled with fruit and vegetables, a quarter to be filled with protein foods, a quarter to be filled with whole grains, with water being a drink of choice. 


Does it include food that comes from Alberta? Does it have food suggestions from Canada’s Food Guide? Or do you eat food that originates from another country? Are you packing a lunch or eating at home?

If you take time to think about what you are going to eat for lunch it will make planning easier – one less thing you will have to worry about as school heads back in. 


Show us what's in your LUNCH BOX!
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1. Click on the lunch box below.

2. Download the lunch box template.

3. Draw your lunch and take a photo of the drawing.

4. Upload a photo of your drawing.


Alberta is home to many agricultural practices that get food from the farm to your lunchbox.

Chicken, beef, eggs, dairy, pulses, lamb and many fresh fruit and vegetables are a few of the foods that come from Alberta.

Busy school schedules don’t always allow for cooking. A healthy lunch leads to better success in school. It is important to take time to plan your meals and to prepare them ahead of time in order to eat healthy during school.

We want to see what your lunch box looks like.

Lunch Box Contest

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