Juniors Cooking Club

Cooking brings the family together and allows kids to express themselves all while having fun!

The experience of creating your own meal helps boost self-confidence, lays the foundation for healthy eating

habits and provides rich sensory experiences! Cooking also provides tons of practical experience for kids such

as reading, following directions, and measuring. It also helps develop fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and of

course builds on some early concepts of science. 

"Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes and cooking. 

It's about harnessing imagination, empowerment and creativity!"

Guy Fieri

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The Juniors Cooking Club teaches youth the cooking techniques they need to cook a meal for the family!  The club runs for 14 weeks starting on July 16 and includes many vibrant hands-on activities and specially tailored recipes.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered in the Juniors Cooking Club:

  • Food safety tips

  • Proper washing of fruits and vegetables

  • Thawing meat and other products

  • Proper knife handling

  • Food storing

  • Using kitchen utensils and appliances

  • Different spices and mixing ingredients

  • Mashing, mixing, rolling, beating and folding

  • Measuring and spooning ingredients into scales 

  • Setting the table

The activities are tailored for kids ages 8-12, however, due to popular demand we have opened up the program to children of all ages.  Younger kids are welcome to join, but may require extra support with some activities.

What will we eat?

Simple seasonal recipes include: beet leaf salad, crunchy garden radish salsa, fresh summer salad, chickpea sprout and lettuce wraps, carrot top pesto, roasted beets and mashed potatoes with chives

Let's get creative!

Let's get cooking...

We want to see what you cooked! Share your delicious creation with us by submitting a video and watch for it on our social media!

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For More Information

Contact Stephanie Koshka if you have any questions about our Juniors Garden Club. 

Stephanie Koshka

Program Coordinator


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