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Dairy cattle are female cattle bred for the ability to produce large quantities of milk, from which dairy products are made. An average dairy cow produces 30 to 35 litres of milk a day. That’s about 8 milk jugs of great tasting, nutrient packed goodness.



  • The history of dairy

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Did you know that dairy cows have different body types than cattle raised for beef?  Beef cattle put more energy into building muscle, while dairy cattle put more energy into making milk.


Dairy cows are barnyard royalty and have earned themselves the nickname “Dairy Queens.” Happy and healthy cows produce more milk, so farmers make sure to take very good care of their dairy cows. Dairy farmers make sure their cows have a diet suited to their needs. The most common food dairy cows eat are grasses, but they also may get corn, soybeans, oats, barley or clover depending on their needs. Learn more about dairy cows by downloading our publication and watching the video below! 

Fun Facts Video

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