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Join us for a virtual Ag-Venture

Agriculture for Life presents our Virtual Farm and Food Tour, a monthly interactive and live educational experience for students. Each month we will feature a guest speaker from a local farm or agrifood processing facility to tell us the story of Alberta agriculture.


Our special guests will take classrooms behind the scenes of agriculture to show us where our food comes from! Both teachers and students will be able to experience agriculture right in the classroom through our monthly event.

The program is tailored for students in grades
5 to 8 but any grades are welcome to join.

Farmer and a Cow
Harvest Work
Growing Tomato Plants
This tour has already taken place. Please check back again soon for information on our next tour that's taking place in April!

1st Virtual Farm and Food Tour
March 4th, 2024

Rocky Mountain Equipment

To kick off this season's Virtual Farm and Food Tours, we were joined by RME, one of the biggest agriculture equipment dealerships in Canada.

Our RME guest taught us how these machines work and how they help producers from seeding to harvest —students got to learn all about simple machines, energy, structures and forces by getting a behind-the-scenes look at RME’s agriculture equipment!

Keep learning with these informative videos about agriculture equipment and precision agriculture.
Spot the hazards.-2.png

Our Ag for Life Virtual Farm and Food Tours are a unique educational experience complete with a learning resource kit so teachers and students can follow along. Each learning resource kit will


General Program Information

  • Program agenda outlining curriculum connections

  • Brief background on guest speaker/agriculture business


Livestream Troubleshooting/FAQ

  • To help you get set up before the live tour

Learning Resources

  • Fun fact sheet and activity sheets for students to follow along

  • Recording of the Livestream Event

Wheat Plant

Next tour to be announced soon! Please check back later.

Thanks for registering!

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