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Supporting healthy, safe and confident lifestyles among rural youth. 
Be Well(ness). Be Safe(ty). Be You(th).

Feed Your Future's mission is to provide youth with real life wisdom and resources from many of today's top personal development and safety experts, schools, business professionals, and other organizations around the globe. 

The program offers today's youth a medium to nourish, connect and grow. From personal wellness to networking, to goal setting and community building, Feed Your Future focuses on 8 Dimensions of Wellness. 

Introducing the Wellness Wheel!

We like to think of the dimensions of health and wellness as a tractor wheel -- if one part of the wheel is deflated, the whole wheel is affected and will not roll as smoothly. You may not notice small changes in the wheel, but over time, if parts of the wheel are neglected for too long, it will deflate completely, and you'll have a much bigger problem to tackle. 

Health and wellness is more than being free from illness, it's the spirited process of change and growth that lasts a lifetime. It address the broader spectrum of your body, encompassing the overall balance of your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It speaks to the way you live your everyday life. 

Download our 8 Dimensions of Wellness workbook to dig deeper and begin to discover the essential ingredients to Feeding Your Own Future.  



  • 8 Dimensions Defined 

  • Introducing the Wellness Wheel 

  • Goal Setting & Reflection Activities

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Access our library of articles and other wellness resources. 

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