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WHY the Challenge?


Food loss and waste is an increasingly critical issue in agriculture sustainability, wasting precious natural resources and energy that go into food production, and contributing damaging greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere when left to rot in the landfill.


As the world population grows, we need to address the inefficiencies within the food value chain in order to conserve resources and ensure we can continue to produce sufficient, healthy foods for generations to come, without overwhelming the planet.

Together we can make a difference!

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The Challenge

Recommended for grades four through nine. 


Do you think you could survive for 6 months without purchasing food, eating only discarded food destined for the trash? 

  • Where do you think you could find food? 

  • What types of foods would be available to you? How much? 

  • What might you learn along the way?

As part of the challenge, students will watch “JUST EAT IT: A Food Waste Story" – a movie that addresses food waste in our society by following a young couple's journey as they pledge to quit grocery shopping and eat only discarded food for six months.


After watching, students will be inspired to take the challenge into their own hands and create their own FOOD WASTE initiative. 


Register below to receive a copy both the teacher guide and the interactive JUST EAT IT student challenge kit, including:

  • Interactive Main Menu providing sequenced lessons, activities and resources.

  • Before, During, and After viewing activities for the film “JUST EAT IT, a food waste movie”.

  • Reflection, assessment, and extension activities.

  • The Challenge! Instructions and ideas to create and document your own food waste project!


The challenge has been designed for grades 4–9 and is intended for independent submission or group entries (maximum three students per group). 

Projects submitted to Ag for Life will be featured on our website and social media, and entered to win some cool prizes, including a no food waste popcorn party. All participating schools will receive a No Food Waste promotion pack featuring posters, stickers and more. Are you ready for the challenge? 

Registration opens February 16, 2021 

Challenge ends April 16, 2021

Need more info?

Contact the Food Waste Challenge Coordinator

Nancy Kelner 


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Register your students for the challenge and you will receive the interactive student deck below.

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Registration is now closed. Upload Submissions below. 

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Additional Resources


Hungry to Learn More?

Visit our Food Waste Lab for resources, lesson plans, activities and more.

Download our Nourishing Minds Food Loss and Waste Publication.

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