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Are your kids interested in learning more about gardening? We create opportunities for kids to learn and grow through gardening and engaging their natural curiosity and wonder. Gardening gives children a chance to learn an important life skill, one that is often overlooked in standard school curriculums. Gardening is also a great way to teach environmental awareness by exploring the workings of nature.  


We have partnered with Calgary Horticultural Society to offer the Juniors Garden Club that will allow kids to do just that: explore, learn new skills, build confidence and most importantly have fun.


The Juniors Garden Club exposes kids to a variety of fruits and vegetables and encourages taste testing straight from the ground. Kids will learn how to plant their own garden, choose which veggies to plant and learn the basics from prepping the soil to planting seeds and watering. 

The Juniors Garden Club teaches youth the techniques of growing food in small spaces and uses gardening and food activities to support learning objectives. From planting a tiny seed to making a fresh salad, the Juniors Garden Club connects children to food and their environment. The club runs for 14 weeks starting on May 27 and includes many vibrant hands-on activities and specially tailored recipes.

In the Juniors Garden Club parents will receive weekly emails with instructions on how to plant, grow and harvest a garden, along with hands on crafts and recipe ideas. When receiving the weekly instructions make sure to review them with your child as there may be material and preparation requirements. You can choose to plant one or all of the vegetables, do it on your own time and send us pictures and videos of your progress! The activities are tailored for kids ages 8-12, however, due to popular demand we have opened up the program to children of all ages.  Younger kids are welcome to join, but may require extra support with some activities.

What will we plant?

Radishes, spinach, carrots, beets and chives

What will we eat?

Simple seasonal recipe, beet leaf salad, crunchy garden radish salsa, fresh summer salad, chickpea sprout and lettuce wraps,

carrot top pesto, roasted beets and mashed potatoes with chives


What will we learn?

Watering, weeding, thinning and harvesting

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Contact Stephanie Koshka if you have any questions about our Juniors Garden Club. 

Stephanie Koshka

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