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In order to equip the industry with the public relations skills to feel confident in having conversations with Alberta consumers, Ag for Life has launched a series of presentations and workshops targeting the agriculture industry, from primary producer to top level executives so they have the skills necessary to engage in meaningful conversations with consumers of all ages.

There will be four workshops that will be curated to target the professional development needs of agriculture stakeholders, from having a casual conversation to conducting interviews and engaging effectively and professionally on social media.  

We hope to engage and inspire industry members to feel confident in telling their story about agriculture as we work together to build public trust.   

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Upcoming Workshops:

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The Rise of Generation Z

Generation Z examines what it means to build public trust among the next generation of consumers, what it is and why we need it.  Participants will learn about this key consumer group and their demographic and sociographic profiles and how this relates to purchasing behaviours. 

Media Training
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This workshop describes the average consumer, what they know about farming and how they think about food.  It gives participants the ability to tell their stories in an easy to understand and compelling manner while explaining how to have a positive, meaningful conversation about food and farming, providing pointers on handling difficult subjects. 


Social Media for Ag

This workshop provides participants who work in the agriculture sector with the tools they need to successfully manage their social media channels and engage social users in a positive and professional manner.  Participants will learn the most relevant training in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  They will see real life examples of social media successes and failures as well as learn how to use social media as a communication tool.


Introduction to Media Training

Learn about today's media trends, how to prepare for media interviews, and how to deliver your message with confidence. You will leave the session with several practical tips for navigating interviews for all types of media formats. 

This series is proudly supported by:

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