Nourishing Minds

Nourishing Minds is a scalable, online or in-class program focusing on a wide variety of topics in agriculture, for grades 9-10 students across Alberta. This program encourages students to think critically about agriculture and the role it plays in their lives. Available topics will increase over the course of the first three years of launching and include the following:

Agriculture in Alberta

  • Local Food, Production Practices, Issues and Innovation, Environment


  • Biotechnology, Sustainable Agriculture, Issues and Innovations, Technology

Let’s Talk Food

  • Food Security, Food Safety, Food Waste

Business and Economics of Food

  • Importing and Exporting, World Market Influences, Direct Marketing, Input Costs


Three levels of programming exist, as a scalable structure to each theme.  Teachers can choose Level 1, which includes one downloadable lesson plan with supporting documents and resources. Level 2 includes three lessons, with an Ag for Life representative teaching one in-class lesson with hands on activities and leave-behind resources. Level 3 is available to schools with three interested grade 9/10 classes. An Ag for Life representative will teach all three lessons to each of the interested classes, bringing in props and other supporting resources.

If your class or school is interested in the Nourishing Minds program, please contact Ag for Life’s Agriculture Education Department.

This project is funded [in part] by the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

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