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Build a Planter with Recycled Materials!

These adorable planters make great gifts, and use recycled materials! Good for crafting, good for gifting, and good for the earth---what more could you ask for?


  • Recycled materials like yogurt containers, coffee cans, pop bottles, etc.

  • Paint

  • Markers

  • Scissors


1. If you're using a pop bottle, carton, or some other container that doesn't have a wide opening, you'll need to create one! Have an adult help you by cutting off the top of your bottle or carton to create a place for you to grow your plants.

2. Once you have your recycled container, it's time to decorate. Use paint to create fun designs or characters on your container. Once it dries, you can add more detail using markers!

3. Your planter is ready! Add soil and plant your seeds or transplant your plants.


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