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Love Bug Craft

Updated: Apr 9

Don't throw away your empty toilet paper rolls! They're a great craft resource and can make adorable crafts like these Valentine's love-bugs.


  • Toilet paper rolls

  • Construction paper

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Markers


Note: You can use different colours of construction paper to create different bug types. These instructions are for a ladybug love bug, but feel free to get creative!

  1. Cut black construction paper to the length of the toilet paper roll. Wrap the construction paper around the roll, and glue to keep in place.

  2. Cut out a circle of black construction paper for the bugs head, as well as two antennas.

  3. From red construction paper, cut out two teardrop shapes for wings. With a black marker, draw spots in the shapes of hearts on the wings.

  4. Cut out two circles of white construction paper for eyes, and draw on pupils.

  5. Glue the eyes and antennas onto the circle for the head. Let dry.

  6. Glue the head onto the top of the toilet paper roll. Let dry.

  7. Glue on the red wings to the toilet paper roll.

  8. You now have a love bug!

Other ideas:

  • Wings the shape of hearts

  • Pink and red striped bees

  • Use googly eyes, pompoms, and glitter glue for more decoration options


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