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Spring Break Ag-tivities

It’s spring break! Looking for something fun to fill the time? Look no further than these ag-citing activities and crafts to help you swing into spring.



How to Make Seed Paper

Flowers are a beautiful and colourful part of spring. Give a gift this spring break with a floral twist. When you’re done with this card, just bury and water it to watch the flowers grow!

Easter Chicks in Hats

What’s cuter than a pompom chicken in a stylish hat? Celebrate springtime with this fashionable craft!

DIY Eggshell Windowsill Herb Garden

Spring is here and we want you to join in the fun with some growing of your own! Try this fun gardening project to grow your own windowsill Eggshell Herb Garden and enjoy the flavour and health benefits of herbs in your cooking.

Vegetable Scrap Easter Egg Dye

Dying eggs for Easter? Try this all-natural method using fruits and vegetables from around the house!

Farm Animal Sun Catchers

With spring comes warmer weather. Catch those sun rays with these farm-animal-themed suncatchers!

Rooster Bookmark Craft

Reading this spring break? Here’s a farm-fun bookmark so you never lose your page!



Try out these printable spring puzzles, including word searches, connect the dots, picture hunts, mazes and more!





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