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Pumpkin Carving



Harvesting Creativity

Get ready to roll up your sleeves, unleash your inner artist, and dive into an amazing fall adventure!

This contest is all about celebrating the harvest season in a fun and creative way. We want you to carve pumpkins that capture the essence of farm life. Whether you're inspired by barns, farm animals, scarecrows, or fields of crops, let your imagination run wild!

We can't wait to see your farm-themed creations! 

One lucky class will receive a harvest–themed goodie box.

Open to Alberta students only.

Click HERE for contest rules.

Contest Info



  • Pumpkins are considered fruits not vegetables.

    Pumpkins have been around for a very long time. They're native to North America and have been growing here for over 5,000 years!

  • The biggest pumpkin ever grown weighed more than a car - it was over 2,600 pounds.

  • Pumpkins are like the rock stars of the garden! Indigenous Peoples used them for everything - they roasted the seeds, turned the flesh into soups, and even used pumpkin as medicine.

  • Over the years, pumpkin carving has become a Halloween tradition. We carve scary faces, cute animals and all kinds of creative designs. It's a way to celebrate the spooky season and show off our artistic skills.

Photo Submissions

Submission Guidelines: To avoid having to submit a photo for each student, please include as many carved pumpkins as you can fit into each photo frame. 

For example: If you have 30 students in your class, you can photograph 5 pumpkins per photo for a total of 6 photo submissions. 

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Thanks for submitting!

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