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Since 2011, our mission at Agriculture for Life has been to deliver impactful, educational programs and awareness, connecting students of all ages to the "culture" of agriculture. Agriculture and food production is critical to every aspect of life, whether you are a city dweller, a canola grower, a rancher, or a backyard-garden tender. It is our mission to educate and inspire people of all ages to understand the integral role agriculture plays in society, the environment, and the economy.

Our goal with this series is to ignite curiosity and enable people to discover the world of food, agriculture, and culinary arts. We want to take readers on an around-the-world tour of different continents, diving deeper into the culture and history that shaped the food systems we see today.

We chose to explore the continent of North America for our first issue because it is both our home and a rich cultural mosaic of food, created from a unique exchange of ideas and ingredients.

The Culture of AGRICULTURE