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Addressing the Agriculture Labour Task Force Grant Program

Record-setting economic growth in Alberta’s agriculture and agri-food sector has ignited demand for
workers across the province. 

To support producers and processors, Alberta, in partnership with the federal government, is providing $2.5 million to Agriculture for Life to help companies recruit, hire, and retain workers in the agriculture and agri-food industry.

The funding will provide eligible companies with grants to increase public awareness of agricultural career opportunities,
as well as human resources training to support worker retention.

To learn more, choose a grant stream below. 


Stream 1

Improve Awareness of Agriculture
and Agri-food Related Careers

Grant Stream 2

Support the Improvement of
Human Resources Practises and Capacity

All application periods are now closed.
The detailed information about the program remains for reference and to provide updates on the program status.

Funding is being provided through the Canada-Alberta Labour Market Development Agreement

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