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Reindeer Hand-Tracing Craft

This reindeer decoration will make any room look more festive! Add it to the tree, display it on a shelf, or gift it to a loved one! Use your own hand and foot outlines to create this fun decoration!

*This craft uses scissors! Use caution and ask an adult for supervision.


  • Construction paper or felt

  • Google eyes

  • Pom-pom

  • Scissors

  • Marker

  • Glue


  1. Trace the outline of one of your feet onto a brown piece of felt or construction paper. Cut out the foot tracing.

  2. Trace both of your hands, fingers spread wide, onto a piece of construction paper or felt. These will be the antlers. You can make them white for a more realistic look, or use a bright colour like red for a festive look! Cut out the hand tracings.

  3. Glue the handprints onto the footprint at the wider end of the foot—where your toes would be.

  4. Glue on google eyes and a pom-pom for a nose. Let dry.

  5. If you want to turn this into an ornament, you can also glue a string loop onto the top of the reindeer head!


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