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Weather to Farm Game

Navigate Nature's Surprises, Cultivate Knowledge, Harvest Success!

Weather impacts our food security because weather can positively or negatively impact the growing of crops and raising of animals for food.

Agriculture is very sensitive to weather and climate. From planting seeds to bringing in the harvest, everything on the farm is influenced by the weather.

Even animals on the farm feel the effects of the weather. For farmers, it's not just small talk; it's a daily strategy.

Explore our Weather to Farm Independent Student Learning Activity below where students will learn about the significance of weather patterns and its impact on crops, animals and farming overall. Students will then have the opportunity to become virtual farmers in the Weather to Farm Game, navigating the unpredictable twists and turns of Mother Nature! 

**Designed for students in Grades 5–7.

Download the worksheet and play the game below!

Discover the effects of weather on crops, animals and farming!

Field of Wheat

Weather to Farm 

Independent Student Learning Activity

Before your students dive into the Weather to Farm Video with Farmer Korey Peters from Herbsigwil Farms, make sure they complete Part A of this fun worksheet. Once complete, have the students watch the Weather to Farm livestream (second video) and complete Part B of the worksheet.

Download, print and get ready for a weather and farming adventure!


Get ready for a wild ride in the Weather to Farm Game


In the Weather to Farm Game below, students become virtual farmers navigating the unpredictable twists and turns of Mother Nature! In this virtual farming adventure, players take on the role of farmers facing the challenges of unpredictable weather.

How it Works: Students draw weather cards and each card determines how their crops, animals, and finances are affected. It adds an element of surprise, much like real-life farming where weather plays a crucial role. Students can make strategic decisions, like buying crop insurance to protect their finances when severe weather hits. It's a game that not only teaches about farming realities but also adds a layer of fun and decision-making for an enriching learning experience. Let the farming journey begin!

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