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The Classroom Agriculture Program (CAP) is a well-known and highly respected education program currently reaching over 20,000 grade 4 Alberta students annually. Since its inception, CAP has reached more than 570,000 Albertas youth.

CAP is about creating a broader understanding of the food we eat and where it comes from. Students start to understand the value and importance of agriculture in Alberta, the vast opportunities, and the people and producers that drive this industry. Volunteers deliver the program through storytelling, engaging props and fun activities.​ This initiative is endorsed by Alberta Education and Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.


Agriculture is vital. We are getting further and further from the farm. It is imperative that people understand that their food comes  from farms – not just the grocery store. That message can begin at school, states CAP General Manager, Don George.


“CAP brings volunteers from the agriculture community into classrooms to tell their own story. CAP has been around since 1985 and with the help received from Ag for Life we are able to expand the program.”