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Each month we feature free and fun book contests and giveaways for teachers to help them bring agriculture to life in classrooms and libraries across Alberta.

We hope you LOVE the books as much as we do. 


February Book Giveaway
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Hey, Hey, Hay
By:  Christy Mihaly  (Author), Joe Cepeda  (Illustrator)

Feeding her horses one cold and wintry day, a girl thinks about all the hard work that went into the fresh-smelling bales she's using. The rhyming text and brilliant full-page paintings follow the girl and her mother through the summer as they cut, spread, dry and bale in the fields. 

This celebration of summer, farming, and family, illustrated by Pura Belpré honor artist Joe Cepeda, includes a glossary of haymaking words, and a recipe for making your own switchel— a traditional farm drink, to cool you down in the summer heat. 

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