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2021 -A Season for Growth

As we welcome a new year, we are presented with an opportunity for a fresh start.

Often times audacious “resolutions” build momentum in the early weeks of January, then up getting put on the shelf. That’s ok if this has been the case for you in years past. It’s important to recognize what works for you when it comes to making sustainable lifestyle changes, what you value, what’s important, where you are now, and where you wish to be. This translates in all aspects of life, your personal growth, wellbeing, relationships, finances, education, and career.

Honest personal reflection, and checking in with one’s self with where you are in this present moment. Recognizing the learning and growth that occurred this past year will help to set you up for success in the year to come.


Birth of new ideas; growth; and opportunities - a breath of fresh air; life renewing itself.

“Wherever life plants you — Bloom.”

Trust in your own growth process and examining what you can release, and shed in order to make way for the new. This includes any area of your life that may feel stagnant or unsupported.

Ask yourself:

What do I need to let go of? What has been holding me back?

Reframe how you view personal growth. Examine the relationship between personal growth and growth patterns in nature. Just like when winter gives way to spring, we can once again feel a shift of life renewing itself.

Plants have a lot to teach us about life.


Nature is full of promise and so are you! Open yourself up to this new year, fresh start, and rebirth. Allow new ideas and opportunities to bloom with potential. Just like planting a seed, watering, and nurturing its growth. This year you have the opportunity to plant new ideas, new habits, and personal development projects that you can nurture and grow to fruition.


Root down in order to rise up. The deeper a plant roots, the more sturdy the plant becomes, to weather the storm. In the same way a plant becomes rooted to form a solid foundation, you can prepare to weather the storm and challenges that are thrown your way. Strength and growth come from continuous effort and the ability to adapt to life’s changing seasons.

Ask yourself:

Where do I need to root down — how can I lay a solid foundation in order to rise up?


Continue to feed and fuel that which is supportive to you. Put your heart and attention into that which nurtures you and supports your growth moving forward— including relationships, your time, and energy. Where focus goes, energy flows.

Keep growing, stretching, and expanding. Just like a plant does not set limits to its growth, it will continue to stretch and take up space when given the proper nurturing growth environment.

Plants naturally turn towards the light. It’s primary objective is growth. Let in the light. Continue to fuel up on the positive uplifting thoughts, environments, and relationships that support your own personal growth and allow you to truly step into your light.


Then it’s time to bloom. Growth takes time, it can be hard and uncomfortable, which is part of the learning and process of transformation. Plants take their time and move at their own pace. Let go of comparisons –move and grow at your own unique pace. Then, just like that, the nurturing efforts you’ve put forth begin to bloom and flourish.


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