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Let's Get Cooking!

With all this extra time on our hands...a lot of us are finding ourselves in the kitchen- looking for snacks, exploring different recipes, gathering with family and of course cooking and eating delicious food!

We want to amplify the kitchen fun by hosting a #AFLHOMECOOKING recipe contest!

Each week for the months of April and May, we will select one food item and a theme to go along with it. We simply ask that you share your favourite recipe using that food item and how it applies to the theme. Hashtag us using #AFLHOMECOOKING to share your masterpiece and you could make it into our cookbook at the end of the two months. Food items and themes will be posted on our social media handles every Wednesday morning!

Cooking is so much more than a necessity for survival. It has psychological benefits- it's relaxing, fulfilling, relieves stress and promotes wellbeing. Cooking also allows us to be creative and explore different flavours, spices and textures while spending time with loved ones. Sharing the joy of home cooking also preserves cultural knowledge and history as we pass recipes from generation to generation.

In addition to this, home-cooked meals can also benefit the environment – by saving money and reducing our carbon footprint. Home cooking gives us the opportunity to choose component ingredients over processed meals, which cuts down on packaging. We have the option to buy those ingredients from local farmers or in some cases grow our own.

Cooking is great and so are the memories that come along with it. Sharing your love for cooking with your kids is something that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. So let's have some fun with this!

Get the kids in the kitchen, get messy and get cooking!


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