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Apple Stamp Craft

Did you know you can use old apples to create art? This craft turns apples into adorable stamps. Super simple and fun, this stamp is a perfect fall-themed back-to-school activity.


  • Paint

  • Apple

  • Paper

  • Palette (paper plate)


  1. Have an adult slice the apple directly in half.

  2. Dry off the sliced area of the apple with a paper towel.

  3. Pour the paint into your palette and spread it wide enough to cover the entire surface area of the apple.

  4. Firmly press the apple into the paint, cut side down.

  5. Press the painted apple onto the page and lift up directly. You should see a clear apple shape!

  6. Get creative! Try using the stamp in different ways. Try making different patterns, drawing a face on the dried stamp to make a character, or use it to make a “Thank You Teacher” card!


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