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Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Horses have existed for millions of years and have played an important part in the progress of the human race. When man learned to ride, he was transformed into a powerful being, able to see farther, move faster, and cover longer distances more easily. At one time horses were essential to farm and ranch work, with many farms and ranches still using horses today. Basuto's are one of those breeds.

Although the Basuto is one of the best-known pony breeds of South Africa, it is not indigenous. It is descended from horses brought into the Cape area around 1653 by the Dutch East India Company, which were the founders of the Cape Horse. Cape Horses were then taken over to Basutoland, after being captured as the spoils of war. While the Cape Horse evolved into a larger, more quality animal with the intro of Thoroughbred and Arab blood, the Basuto interbred with local ponies and remained smaller and stockier. The Basuto achieved fame as a warhorse during the Boer War, but many of the best were killed in the conflict. These has been a concerted effort to re-establish the breed, which is not only used for general transport and racing but is also very popular with tourists for trekking holidays.

Blood Temperature: Warm

Height: up to 14.2 hands

Colour: Chestnut, brown, bay or gray, all with white markings

Environment: Rocky and hilly terrain

Uses: Trekking, hacking, racing, polo, light agriculture work

Temperament: Docile, surefooted, brave

Follow our page as we explore the various types of breeds. Next, the Nooitgedachiter pony from South Africa.


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