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Bee Pencil Holder

Have you heard the buzz? Our pollinator pals are buzzing around, helping farmers pollinate their crops. Celebrate these vital farmyard friends by crafting this adorable bee pencil holder!


  • Yellow yarn

  • Black yarn

  • Hot glue gun (and an adult's help and supervision!)

  • Bubble wrap

  • Scissors

  • Jar

  • Black construction paper or pipe cleaners


  1. Place a dot of hot glue at the base of your jar. Carefully press the end of yellow yarn into the glue, and let it dry.

  2. Start wrapping the yellow yarn around the jar so that the jar is covered in yellow yarn. Once you reach the top, place another dot of hot glue on the jar and carefully press the other end of the yarn into it and let it dry.

  3. Use your black yarn to create the bee's stripes by tying or gluing the black yarn around the jar in a few spots.

  4. Use hot-glue to secure the googly eyes to the top of the jar for the bee's eyes.

  5. Cut the bubble wrap into two teardrop shapes, and attach the bubble wrap to the back of the jar using hot glue as wings.

  6. Cut two strips of black construction paper. Then, use the scissors to curl the construction paper. Glue these two curls to the top of the jar, just above the eyes. These are the bee's antenna! If you want, you can use black pipe cleaners instead! Twist them around your finger to make them curly, then glue them to the top of the jar.


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