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Bell Pepper Shamrock Stamps

If you have a bell pepper in the fridge and some paint and paper, it’s your lucky day—you have all you need to create St. Patrick’s Day art!


  • Bell pepper

  • Green paint

  • Paper


  1. With the help of an adult, slice the pepper all the way across to create a ring-shaped slice. Depending on weather you use a three or four lobed pepper, your shamrock will have three or four leaves.

  2. Pour out some green paint onto a plate or palate, then dip your pepper slice into it so the cut edge is covered in paint.

  3. Press the pepper stamp firmly onto your piece of paper.

  4. Add a stem with paint to complete your shamrock!

Fun facts:

  • Bell peppers with four lobes (bumps on the pepper) are sweeter than peppers with three lobes. Peppers with three lobes are usually better for cooking with!

  • Red bell peppers have double the amount of Vitamin C than green bell peppers do.

  • Bell peppers are native to Central and South America.


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