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Colourful Chicks in Easter Hats

Updated: Apr 9

Celebrate springtime with these fashionable chicks!

Materials for chicks:

  • Yarn, in any colour

  • Lightweight cardboard or card stock, recycled food boxes work well

  • Google eyes

  • Pipe cleaners

  • Small feathers

  • Craft foam, for beaks & feet

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Craft glue

  • Protractor or circle shapes in appropriate sizes to trace

Materials for hats:

  • Bottle tops

  • Buttons in all sizes

  • Artificial or dried flowers

  • Small bits of fabric or netting

  • Small feathers

  • Ribbons

  • Craft foam

*Tips For Younger Children: Buy ready-made pompoms in the appropriate sizes and glue them together to make chicks. Concentrate on making the faces, legs, feet and hats.


1.Draw circles, on card stock: 2 X 2 1/4” (5.5 cm) & 2 X 1 ¾” (4.5 cm) using protractor or circle shapes. In the centre of each one draw a ½ “circle.

2. With scissors, cut around the outside edges of all the circles. Make a slit into the centre of each and cut out the middle circle.

3. Holding 2 of the same size circles together, line up the slits. Start winding the yarn around, going through the slit around the circle and back to the slit. Keep going till the centre of the circle is completely filled. Cut yarn. Cut an extra piece of yarn about 10” long.

4. Hold the circle in the centre with thumb and forefinger and don’t let go. With scissors, insert points between the 2 card stock pieces and cut all the way around the edges. You can pivot your grasp to allow for easier cutting but don’t let go.

5. Slip the extra piece of yarn between the 2 card stock circles and tie tightly. Leave the ends of the tie long for now.

6. Carefully remove the card stock circles. If they aren’t torn they can be reused for a second chick. Holding on to the long tie shake and fluff up the pompom. Repeat this process to make the smaller pompom.

7. Tie the pompoms together using the long ties still attached. Make sure to tie them tight so that the pompoms are snug together. Knot the ties to secure and cut them the same length as the pompoms.

8. On craft foam, draw 2 feet shapes and 2 small triangles for beaks. Cut out with scissors.

9. Push the end of the pipe cleaner through the middle of the foot a few cm. Bend the end over to secure in place. Repeat this process for the other foot.

10. Bend the pipe cleaner in half forming the 2 legs. Put a drop of craft glue on the bend of the pipe cleaner, part the yarn of the large pompom and insert into the centre. Let the glue dry.

11. Holding the 2 beak pieces by the pointy ends, add a drop of craft glue and insert into the middle of the small pompom. Part the 2 pieces a bit to make it look like the beak is open. Glue on the google eyes. Let dry.

12. Hats: Here is where you can really use your imagination! You can start with a bottle cap or a stack of different sized buttons all glued together or a combination of both. You might like to add ribbons or feathers, sparkles or flowers, netting or fabric. You decide what looks best to you.

13. When your hat is finished, glue it onto the head of your chick and you are done!

*If you want to add some extras, try adding small tail or wing feathers. For a different look, try winding 2 colours of yarn at the same time when you make your pompoms. Have fun with it!

Download the instructions:

Colourful Chicks in Easter Hats
Download PDF • 8.17MB


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