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Edible Flowers - Take A Bite

The range of flowers you can eat is wider than most people think. Some you may already be familiar with such as stuffed zucchini flowers, arugula, and herbs such as chives, dill or coriander. Others not so familiar include: borage, violas, and marigolds. All with add colour and flavour to all kinds of dishes. Grow some flavour!

  1. 1. Calendula: The familiar marigold. After picking the flowers, wash and pull off the petals and sprinkle over salads as a garnish.

  2. 2. Viola: Miniature varieties are the best for eating. The flowers have a more delicate flavour than larger pansies. Add to salads, or use to decorate cakes and desserts.

3. Chives: Add chive flowers to green salads for a mild onion flavour.

4. Zucchini Flower: Snip off the flowers when harvesting your zucchini and serve them either stuffed or deep fried.

5. Borage: Grow borage both for its flowers and for its young leaves. Both taste slightly like cucumber.

6. Lavender: Harvest the flowers to make a soothing tea, or mix sugar when making cookies.

Source(s): The Kitchen Garden


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