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Festive Cranberry Activities!

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

In Canada, most cranberries are grown in British Columbia and Quebec. They are bright red on the outside like strawberries and cherries, but that doesn’t mean they are sweet on the inside. If you bite into this fruit when it is fresh, you might be surprised by the sour flavour. However, this festive fruit is great in many crafts and holiday baking!

To celebrate the season, we have created a list of cranberry activities for educators and parents. Check it out!

Zesty Cranberry Muffin Recipe in the Holiday Edition of The Story of Food:

Kid Friendly Cranberry Drink:

Christmas Cranberry Garland:

Cranberry Christmas Ornament Craft:

The Story of Food Cranberry Activity Book:

The Story of Food Cranberry Animated Video

The Story of Food Cranberry Farmer Interview Video:


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