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How to Grow a Herb Garden

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

There is something very satisfying (and delicious) about planting, growing and picking your own herbs.

Follow these steps to start your garden.

1. Find a Plot

Choose an area with level ground - the sunnier the better. Start small.

2. Clear the Area

Remove grass, weeds and whatever else covers your plot, then loosen the soil by tilling or digging down at least a foot deep.

3. Prep the Soil

Sprinkle a balanced fertilizer high in nitrogen and a one-inch top dressing of compost across the plot and rake it in.

4. Plant Seedlings

Although some herbs are easy to start from seeds, you might want to purchase seedlings from the garden centre. Plant them in the ground in rows or blocks, following the spacing recommendations on the plant tag and group like herbs together. If you want to start with seeds, sprinkle a few on the ground, keep the soil moist and wait for them to sprout - it can take as little as a week.


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