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John Ware: Alberta's First Black Cowboy

A good cattle rancher must be smart, strong and skilled to take good care of their herd. One of the most skilled, and most respected was the famous cowboy, John Ware. John Ware was the first Black cowboy in Alberta, and one of the first-ever Black people to arrive in Alberta. Over time, people came to view John Ware as a hero for his great physical strength, horsemanship, good nature and courage.

John Ware and a team of horses at Red Deer River. Glenbow Archives.

Watch the animated storybook, "Howdy, I'm John Ware" to learn more about John Ware's life. As you watch, think about John Ware's character traits. What kind of person was he? Fill out the worksheet below after you watch the storybook.

Download the worksheet for printing:

John Ware Worksheet
Download PDF • 41KB

John Ware and his family. Glenbow Archives.


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