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Make a wheat stalk out of paper!

Make a wheat stalk out of paper!


  • White and yellow craft paper

  • Yellow craft paper

  • Black marker

  • Craft glue

  • Scissors


1. Fold the yellow piece of paper in hand length-wise.

2. Cut sideways into the fold. Make a cut every 2-3 cm. Then, draw a line with a black marker down the middle of each individual section, front and back.

3. Cut lengthwise along the piece of paper along the base of the individually cut sections so that they each become separate pieces.

4. Glue together the ends of each cut-out piece. Let dry.

5. Draw a line on a white piece of paper.

6. Glue the yellow paper loops onto the line in a wheat-grain fashion. Let dry.

7. If you’d like, draw more details in the background, like leaves and other wheat stalks!


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