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November is Canada Career Month!

All across country, Career Month in November signals a time for youth and adults to focus on their future career choices.

Agriculture is a big part of Canada’s economy, accounting for one in every eight jobs and employing over 2.3 million people (Statistics Canada, 2021). The industry has lots of exciting career opportunities in a number of disciplines that go well beyond farming and ranching.

The agriculture and food sector is at the leading edge of research and innovation to address global challenges. From Communications, Engineering and Economics, to Food and Animal Sciences - the possibilities are endless when it comes to career opportunities in the agriculture sector.

Along with AITC-C (Agriculture in the Classroom - Canada), we are offering a variety of educational resources for the month of November, including the 30-Day thinkAG Challenge, the new Kareero App launch, Career Case game as well as the "I am Agriculture" campaign.

Join us for the entire month of November as we explore careers in agriculture and the food-sector!

30 Day thinkAG Challenge

We've lined up a month of agriculture career education activities connected to our thinkAG site!

Our 30-Day thinkAG Challenge provides teachers, counsellors, home educators, and parents with daily career education activities for their students. These thinkAG activities help students learn that their diverse skillset, interests, and unique background are not only needed in the agriculture and food industry but will help to provide them with a fulfilling career that can positively impact our country and our world.

Click the link below to download the Canada Career Month Teacher Calendar for a full list of educational activities and initiatives.

2022 Canada Career Month Teacher Calendar
Download PDF • 210KB

Career Case Manual

Teachers, do you have a Career Case Game Kit in your classroom?

We now have the NEW online teacher guide to assist you in facilitating the game in your classroom! Step by step instructions, helpful tips & tricks, vocabulary assistance, and suggestions on unique ways to use game materials all at your fingertips!

Check it out here. Plus watch this video to learn about the game.


We are launching thinkAG’s NEW interactive self-interest assessment app, called Kareero!

#Kareero offers an immersive experience where students are faced with developing a garden. Through their choices and actions, their interest areas are determined. Paired with the thinkAG website, Kareero will help students explore careers that match their interests.

Check back on Nov. 22 to download the app!

'I am Agriculture' Campaign

Education today is the economy of tomorrow! By 2050, it is anticipated that the global population will be more than 10 billion. Our farming population is aging, and not being replaced by the younger generation – simply because many are not aware of all we have to offer!

Young people need to know that whatever their passion or interest is, agriculture is a place that they can thrive. AITC-C is committed to helping young people understand the diversity of careers in the agriculture and agri-food sectors, and we know we have our work cut out for us. Which is why I'm reaching out to you today, to help us educate your future workforce by joining us for Canada Career Month throughout the month of November.

Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Take a photo of yourself and share in the caption what your job is

  2. Post it on your social channels and use the hashtag #IAmAgriculture

  3. Highlight the diversity of jobs in your company by asking everyone in your company to do the same throughout the month.

Help us spread the word!

By participating in Canada Career Month, together we can help young people understand that whatever their passion or interest is, agriculture is a place where they can thrive!

Share Career Month on your social media channels with the hashtags #IAmAgriculture, #AmplifythinkAG, and #CareerMonth. Plus, be sure to like BCAITC and AgforLife and tag us on your posts:

  • Instagram: @aitccanada, @agforlife_ab

  • Facebook: @AITCCanada, @agricultureforlife

  • Twitter: @AITCCanada, @4AgforLife


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