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The Farmyard Detectives: Introducing Our New Kid's Podcast!

Agatha and Joe live in the farming town of Green Valley, Alberta. They go to school, come home, watch cartoons, and help out around the farm. But when mysterious incidents begin happening around Green Valley, Agatha and Joe must put on their detective hats and use their agricultural knowledge to find the culprit of the crimes. In their quest to solve the mystery, they learn safety lessons, farm facts, and more!

Each episode is accompanied by an active listening worksheet to help keep kids engaged and help them solve the mystery.

In Episode 1, Agatha and Joe must find out who hardboiled Agatha's eggs, or else they can wave goodbye to cartoon time.

Download the worksheet here:

The Farmyard Detectives Episode 1 Worksheet
Download PDF • 280KB

Worksheet Answer Page:

The Farmyard Detectives Episode 1 ANSWERWorksheet
Download PDF • 305KB


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