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Tis the Season for Giving

As we approach the holiday season, this year in particular it is important to stop and

remember the importance of giving. 2020 has been a year that has rocked us and challenged individuals, families, and communities in ways we never could of imagined. In the season and spirit of giving back, it’s important to recognize how you can give this season in ways both big and small.

Think of the gift of giving in a bigger sense. Where can you give your time? Your expertise? Your kindness? This holiday season look for ways where you can support your community, share your talents, financial aid, or your expertise. Do good and feel good. Spread kindness through simple acts of giving.


Do you have a specific skillset, knowledge, or experience that you can share? Your expertise is a powerful gift. Sharing your knowledge and skills helps to expand what you already know, it benefits you and others. Giving your knowledge, skills, and time to support others or organizations in need, can help to benefit community at large.

Be a resource. Share what you know. Perhaps you can find ways to share your knowledge through mentoring others in your workplace or in your community. Take the lead by sharing your expertise and being in service to others. In doing so you can help others uncovered their potential and ability to achieve in both personal and professional endeavours.


Connect with your local community this holiday season. Small, and medium size businesses and local non profit organizations have taken a considerable hit this past year. Navigating new restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has left many businesses and organizations struggling to stay afloat.

Be conscientious as to where you choose to shop this holiday season. Supporting local businesses will go a long way in giving back to your community. For many small businesses they are relying on the business generated from the holidays to keep them going for the months ahead. Pay attention to how many small businesses in community create ways for you to give back. Whether it be through donations to the local food bank or supporting families in need. Keep your eyes open for these opportunities.


• Organize a toy drive with your company or community organization.

• Sponsor a family in need.

• Donate winter clothing items (boots, coats, hats, and mittens) to shelters in your area.

• Make a donation to a charity you love! (Ag for Life, hint, hint)!

In doing selfless acts of kindness in your community and giving back you will be sure to spread joy this season. Take this opportunity to talk to your kids about giving back or better yet have them think of their own creative ideas of how they can contribute to their community. If you are unable to give this season through monetary means, find ways to give your time, knowledge, or support to others.


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