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Tricky Treats

Making the perfect candy is not an easy job. Candy takes a whole team of people to make! Here are a few jobs that people do that help make candy.

1. Sugar Beet Farmer

Sugar is what makes candy taste sweet. In Alberta, white sugar comes from sugar beets! Sugar beets are related to red beets but are white and have a higher sugar content. The sugar beet farmer grows the beets.

2. Flavour Chemist

Candies like gummies often have bold flavours. Sometimes candies are naturally flavoured, but sometimes the flavours are made up, like blue raspberry! The job of flavour chemists is to make these flavours. They use chemistry to make great tastes.

3. Marketer

Have you ever picked up a new type of candy because the bag or box they were in made them look so good? That bag or box was designed by a marketer. Marketers help make food, including candy, appealing by designing their packaging and advertising.

4. Mechanical Engineer

Candy is often made in factories by machines. These machines help make more candy quickly and make sure it’s made the same way every single time. A machine might do things like mix and pour chocolate, mould gummies, or package the final treat. Each of these machines need to be designed by somebody. The people that design candy-making machines are mechanical engineers!

5. Dairy Farmer

Many candies like chocolates and caramels have cream or milk in them. These dairy products

come from cows, which are raised by dairy farmers. The dairy farmers work hard to make sure their cows are healthy and happy so that the dairy is always the best quality it can be.

Next time you eat a piece of candy, think about how many people helped to make it!


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