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Water Booklet Sources

EARTHHOW—How Much Water Is on Earth, 2023


National Geographic—Earth’s Fresh Water



Sciencing—How to Calculate Rain to Snow


Mental Floss—What Is the Snow-to-Liquid Ratio?, 2016


Government of Alberta—Alberta Climate Information Service (ACIS) Data Products & Tools


Agriculture for Life— How Irrigation Transformed Alberta Farming


Grainnews—The benefits of irrigation in Alberta, 2023


Government of Alberta— Filtration: How does it work?, 2015


University of Minnesota— Testing Your Farm's Water for GAPs and FSMA, 2020


Flora Flex— The Ultimate Guide to Drip Irrigation Filters: Types, Maintenance, and Choosing the Right Filter for Your Garden, 2023


Dripdepot—Irrigation Filter Buying Guide, 2024


MDPI—Agronomic Basis and Strategies for Precision Water Management: A Review, 2019


The University of Rhode Island—Drip Irrigation


Sacred Cow—Beef is Not a Water Hog: 94% of Water Allocated to Beef Production is Natural Rainfall, 2019


American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture—Agriculture and the Environment, 2018 


Alberta Agriculture and Food—Biodiversity Conservation Guide for Farmers and Ranchers in Alberta, 2007


Fizzics Education—Make a Secchi Disc


Government of Alberta—Testing Your Drinking Water in Alberta, 2021



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