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For Youth

Safety is always a top priority for families, but when a family lives on a farm with heavy equipment, livestock and other potential safety hazards, learning to avoid potential dangers is critically important.


Working in conjunction with St. John's Ambulance, we have developed a Safety on the Farm e-learning course introduces learners to farm safety and emergency preparedness topics using interactive and engaging activities and scenarios.  This course is designed to meet the learning needs for youth (11 to 18 years of age) and is appropriate for home and school settings. Topics include common hazards, potential risks, injury prevention, and emergency response procedures for farm settings. 

The course includes five custom narrated and animated first-person scenarios that prompt the user on how they would like to continue. The course also features portions designed to spark further thought and ends with a short quiz. Learners are encouraged to also take a First Aid awareness course to compliment this training with valuable lifesaving skills. 

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