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School Oats Program


Oats Nutrition Support Bursary



We are all connected to agriculture through the food we eat, clothes we wear and the products we use. While many of us are privileged to have the ability to choose from the variety of foods available, the reality is that not all people in Alberta are food secure. Statistics Canada reported that grocery bills increased 5.4 percent over the past year. It is difficult to focus on learning when your body is deprived.


While most of our programs and resources are purely educational in nature, we intend to offer a school nutrition bursary to a select number of high need schools. Our hope is that by filling students’ bellies, they are open to filling their minds with cool and exciting information about agriculture.

We are excited to offer bursaries to support in-school nutrition programs.
The bursaries may be used toward oats and oat-based foods for schools.


Oats, a natural superfood.

This opportunity is open to both urban and rural schools in the province and will be awarded based on demonstrated need. The School Oats Program will take place March – June 2024. 10 bursaries will be awarded to schools to be spent on oats and oat-based foods.


We encourage teachers to send in photos of their students cooking and baking with oats as well as enjoying them. In addition, we are also encouraging comments and quotes from teachers and students on learnings, benefits and reactions to the program. Photos and comments may be submitted at the bottom of this page.

In addition to the bursary funds, every school will receive an engaging poster crafted to enhance students' understanding of oat nutrition, familiarize them with common oat-based food items and shed light on oat production in Alberta. Furthermore, each student will go home with a recipe card ensuring a delightful and educational takeaway from the program.

Submit the application below to be considered for a bursary by April 1, 2024.

We are no longer accepting applications at this time.


We are no longer accepting applications at this time.

General Information

School Contact Information

School Information

Current school population

Geographic Situation

School Oats Program Information

Eligibility Criteria

- Ensure the School Oats Program is universal by encouraging the participation of all students.

- Ensure a system is in place to provide financial accountability and sustainability.

- Promote healthy eating through positive role-modeling and food and nutrition education.

- Operate in a location that is safe, universally accessible and welcoming.

- Prepare, store, and serve food and beverages using safe food handling practices in accordance with provincial/territorial regulations      and local public health agencies.

- Respect and comply with existing school board health, safety protocol.

We are no longer accepting applications at this time.

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