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Connecting Students to Agriculture

Want to encourage your students to get their hands dirty and learn about science, math, and nutrition in a hands-on way?


Our Spuds in Tubs gardening program is the perfect project! Your students will learn about plant biology, soil health and sustainable food production while growing delicious potatoes in tubs.

This program is offered in partner ship with:

GR_4_Turcato Central School plant.png

Our Spuds in Tubs program was designed to connect students with their local food system and help them develop a deeper appreciation for where their food comes from. Students will learn about the history and culture of potatoes, as well as the importance of supporting local farmers and sustainable food systems. The program encourages collaboration and creativity, and students will have the satisfaction of watching their hard work pay off with a bountiful harvest!


The Spuds in Tubs program is for students in grades 3–9. Limited enrolment* Only 50 classes (in Alberta) will be selected to participate in the first year. 


Students will learn about plant biology, soil health and sustainable food production. The program also teaches students about the importance of reducing food waste, composting and using resources responsibly.


A virtual workshop outlining the program will take place early in December, 2023. 

Why potatoes?

Potato plants are the ideal teaching crop: they can be planted in containers and can be harvested before the end of the school year. And, they’re healthy and delicious!

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Why grow potatoes in a container?
There are several advantages to growing potatoes in a container.

  1. It’s easier to protect the potatoes from pests, weeds, and Mother Nature

  2. It’s a fun learning opportunity for students because potato plants grow stunningly fast

  3. You can use them as a teaching tool for a variety of school subjects

  4. Kids love potatoes

Oats for Breakfast (2).png


What's included?

Registered teachers will be able to pick up their growing kits from one of the greenhouses listed below (underneath the registration form on this page).


Kits will include: seed potatoes, plant food, soil and tubs for the plants. 


Let's get growing!


We are no longer accepting registrations for our
Spuds in Tubs program.

We have partnered with the following greenhouses in Alberta who will be distributing the resources to teachers. 

Arch Greenhouses – Edmonton

Parkland Nurseries & Garden Centre – Red Deer

Bluegrass Nursery & Garden Centre – Calgary

Green Haven Garden Centre – Lethbridge 

Sunnyside Nursery – Taber

Thank you to our program supporters.
With the help of our generous partners, this program is offered for free to schools.

Gold Sponsors:

          Alberta Potato Industry Associates (APIA)

          Earth Apples

          Edmonton Potato Growers Ltd. (EPG)

          FW Seed Potatoes

          Independent Crop Inputs (ICI)

          Miyanaga Farms Ltd.

          Old Dutch Foods

​          Peak of the Market

          Potato Growers of Alberta


          SLM Spud Farms Ltd.

Bronze Sponsor:

          Westco Construction


A special heartfelt thank you goes to Edmonton Potato Growers and Princess Produce for providing seed potatoes and Independent Crop Inputs for providing the plant food.

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Meat Pie
Grated Potatoes
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