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our School Garden (3).png
our School Garden (3).png
our School Garden (3).png
our School Garden (3).png

Teachers plant seeds that GROW FOREVER

School gardens are growing across Alberta. Over the past many years, the idea of school gardens has grown from a small seed into a full-grown concept that continues to gain traction in schools small and large, rural and urban across the province.


Integrating gardening into the classroom creates opportunities for students to learn and grow while engaging their natural curiosity and wonder. Gardening gives children of all ages a chance to learn important life skills, such as growing and harvesting their own food, bringing them closer to their agricultural roots. 

Research shows working in school gardens can:

  • Increase students’ science achievement scores

  • Improve social skills by cultivating empathy and teamwork

  • Increase students’ knowledge of nutrition and their willingness to consume fresh produce

  • Improve emotional literacy

  • Develop a sense of community and responsibility

  • Instill lifelong appreciation for the natural world


Ready to embrace gardening at your school?

Or maybe,

Grow or expand your existing gardens or gardening knowledge?

Turn your black thumb into a green one?

Not sure where to begin?

Join our Teacher Garden Club!

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Ag for Life's Teacher Garden Club provides educational information, resources and support to educators who are interested in integrating gardening into a classroom or school setting. Teachers will learn or enhance their knowledge on growing a plant from seed to harvest in the Alberta climate. Hear from experts, learn from fellow educators, share resources, growing tips and more. 

Let's Get GROWING! 


our School Garden (3).png
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To learn is to GROW and to grow is to LEARN

In our fourth workshop we will learn all about how to care for your plants throughout the summer. Topics will include watering, caring for your plants in the heat, and tips to keep your plants growing and thriving! The workshop will include an instructional session with a question and answer period afterwards. 


In this session we will be joined again by author and Master Gardener, Sheryl Normandeau. Sheryl holds a Prairie Horticulture Certificate and Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certificate. She is an established gardening writer and has hundreds of published articles.

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There are no scheduled workshops at this time.
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