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Agriculture is more than just farming, agriculture connects us all.



Fresh Thinking

Connect, Share and Engage. 

At Ag for Life, we are passionate about connecting young Albertans to agriculture and food, and sharing the stories and values of the farmers and ranchers who

grow it. 


Our mission is to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of all that agriculture brings to our daily lives and work to keep Alberta growing for generations to come. Youth are the future. For agriculture. Alberta. And the world. 

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Youth education takes many forms. Whether you're a teacher looking to integrate agriculture into your curriculum, a parent seeking resources to supplement your child's learning, or a community hosting an agriculture expo or farm safety day, our website offers a wealth of accurate agricultural literacy and rural and farm safety resources.

Agriculture is a wonderful world, so dig in, and let the Ag-venture begin! 

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Food Security - Feeding the World

For Erica Thew, a fourth-generation farmer on her family’s grain farm near Hussar, Alberta, farming is in her blood. Before she was even born, her rural roots began with her family and their dedication to feeding a hungry world.

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Technology & Innovation

How are advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robotics, autonomous vehicles and blockchain transforming the agricultural industry? We had a visit with Lakeland College to find out. 

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Net Zero - Agriculture & the Environment

What pathways will lead towards a low-carbon and resilient agriculture sector? We had a tour at Sunterra Greenhouse to learn more about Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) and its role in sustainable agriculture.

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The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) predicts 50,000 agriculture and food jobs will have to be filled in the next few years.

So what kind of careers are out there? We interviewed agriculture professionals to learn more about the roles they play in helping feed the world. 


Ag 101 Shorts

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Explore the exciting world of agriculture, food production and the natural environment with our curriculum-based programs, events, learning activities and engaging resources.


Let the learning AG-Venture begin!

We are Agriculture in the Classroom AB


Planning Calendar

Looking for curriculum-linked lessons and activities for your students?

Explore our calendar of specially curated resources that align with monthly events and national initiatives.  


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Featured Programs & Resources

White Washed Wood

Inspire your students' creativity and passion for agriculture by participating in our new spring contest!

Join us between April 15th and May 20th, 2024, as your students unleash their creativity by crafting charming farm-themed artworks.


Capture a photo of their masterpiece to enter for a chance to win a classroom goodie basket brimming with farm-tastic treasures!

Founding Members

Thank you to our generous supporters for helping us bring agriculture to life in classrooms and communities across Alberta. Through the support of our partners, we are able to deliver curriculum-based learning tools, teaching resources, events and activities to connect teachers and students to agriculture, food, and farm safety with the ultimate goal of advancing agriculture literacy among the next generation

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