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A special thank you to our local, expert producers as well as our distinguished speakers:

Dr. Megan Racey, Dr. Kevin Folta, Modesta N. Abugu and Keith Driver who provided us with incredible insight on a variety of ag-related topics. The wonderful exchange of ideas by experts from different backgrounds was very inspiring and educational.

If you missed the event, you can still access all of the recorded sessions.


Click below for highlights from the presentations delivered on November 18th.

Click under each speaker's profile to view the recorded sessions.

A professional development day designed to engage, inspire and educate.

Insights in Agriculture: Feeding TODAY with TOMORROW in sight

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"The keynote speaker and emphasis on understanding where our food comes from as well as the myths that exist around agriculture, was very relevant and valuable!"

"This was truly beyond my expectations and I love that I can share the recordings with my students!"

"For someone new to this, it was an excellent process with exceptional materials and clarity of delivery."

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