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Farm Dog

Photo Contest

Calling all farm dog families!

We are excited to announce the return of our pawsome Farm Dog Photo Contest and we want  the whole family to get involved in the fun! This contest isn't just for professional photographers; it's an incredible opportunity for kids to discover the joy of capturing special moments on the farm.

Whether it's a photo of your child's special bond with their four-legged friend, a super cool

snapshot of a smart herding dog rounding up fluffy sheep, or a cute guardian dog keeping a close eye on the farm animals... WE WANT TO SEE THEM ALL!


So put on your farm boots, snap those special moments and share the love your furry farm friends bring to the countryside! 

We can't wait to see the world through your lens and celebrate the beauty of farm life together! 📸🐶

Mark your calendars and start snapping those pawsome shots! The contest runs from August 1st to August 31st, giving you plenty of time to explore the farm, bond with your four-legged friends and capture those picture-perfect moments.

One lucky winner will receive a dog goodie basket valued at $250.

Open to Alberta residents only. 

Click HERE for contest rules.


Contest Info


Farm dogs are an essential part of rural life. With their boundless energy, unwavering loyalty and innate intelligence, these four-legged companions have become indispensable members of the agricultural community.

Farm dogs are not just diligent workers; they are also cherished companions. At the end of a long day, these tireless canines find solace in the company of their human counterparts. Whether it's a friendly game of fetch or a quiet moment by the fire, farm dogs radiate a contagious joy that warms the hearts of those around them.

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Throughout history, farm dogs have been steadfast companions and indispensable helpers in agricultural communities worldwide. Their roots trace back to the earliest days of farming, when humans began cultivating crops and domesticating animals.

Ancient civilizations recognized the value of dogs on the farm, employing them for various tasks. One of the earliest documented roles was that of the herding dog. Early farmers relied on dogs to guide and manage their flocks. These early herding dogs showcased their natural instincts, intelligence and agility, establishing themselves as trusted and efficient partners.

As farming practices evolved and expanded, so did the roles of farm dogs. They became adept at guarding livestock, protecting them from predators and ensuring the safety of the farm.

In addition to herding and guarding, farm dogs were also valued for their versatility and work ethic. They were trained to pull carts, assist with hunting, and even serve as draft animals on smaller farms. Their strength and endurance made them valuable assets in the day-to-day operations, assisting with tasks such as hauling, retrieving, and transporting goods.


History of Farm Dogs

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