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Ag for Life Celebrates a Decade of Ag Education

CALGARY – AB. – Agriculture for Life (Ag for Life) is excited to announce that it has achieved a major milestone: 10 years of building genuine understanding and appreciation of the impact agriculture has on our lives.

Since its inception in 2011, Ag for Life has been a leading voice in the promotion of agriculture, food, health and safety education. Through partnerships and collaboration with the community, the company has been responsible for the development and implementation of high-quality educational programming to children, youth and adults across the province.

Reflecting on 10 years of progress, Luree Williamson, CEO of Ag for Life says, “I take great pride in what we have been able to accomplish over the last decade, and I want to thank all those who have accompanied us on our journey thus far – our founding partners, supporters, educators, communities and all Albertans! We are truly grateful for all your support along the way. That being said, we are just getting started—our best days are ahead of us!”

Sharing knowledge, building strong community connections and providing ample learning opportunities for individuals to better understand and appreciate the role agriculture plays in our lives, is at the fundamental core of everything Ag for Life strives to achieve. To date, Ag for Life has delivered over half a million agriculture education lessons in communities across the province through a variety of different platforms including: classrooms, kitchens, workshops, webinars, community events, as well as print and digital media. “As we celebrate this important milestone, we are even more excited about the many opportunities that lie ahead,” adds Williamson. Ag for Life is encouraging everyone who believes in a strong rural and agriculture sector to join them on their mission by donating at

Ag for Life’s founding partners include: AdFarm, Glacier FarmMedia, Nutrien, Rocky Mountain Equipment, TC Energy and UFA.

About Ag for Life

Since its founding in 2011, Agriculture for Life (Ag for Life) has played a vital role in educating Albertans about agriculture, food, farming and safety. Working in collaboration with agriculture and education communities, Ag for Life develops, expands and offers hands-on educational programming to children, youth and adults throughout the province and beyond via virtual learning classrooms and other digital assets.


For more information, contact:

Irena Ceko, Marketing and Communications Specialist



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