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Ag for Life Presents Outstanding Agriculture Teacher Award at 10th Annual Harvest Gala

Agriculture for Life proudly hosted its 10th annual Harvest Gala on Oct. 27, 2023. The evening was dedicated to celebrating Alberta agriculture and the remarkable individuals who tirelessly contribute to the industry. This year, the event introduced the Outstanding Agriculture Teacher Award, highlighting the dedication of educators in advancing agriculture education.

Steven Schultz, a passionate educator at Lacombe Composite High School, received the

inaugural Outstanding Agriculture Teacher Award. Schultz’s innovative teaching methods,

passion and commitment have inspired students to explore the world of agriculture, motivating

them to consider careers in this vital industry. At the event, Schultz was joined by four of his

exceptional students. His ability to ignite a love for agriculture in the classroom was evident

through his students’ enthusiasm.

Under Schultz’s leadership, Lacombe Composite High School launched a range of impactful

initiatives, including the EcoVision Club in 2016. This brought forth diverse agricultural

programs like a greenhouse garden where students learn hands-on about sustainable growing

practises. Other programs include working with an aquaponic system, hydroponic system, urban gardening, food forest creation, Indigenous plant education and farm-to-cafeteria efforts where students actively contribute to the cafeteria by sourcing food from the school garden.

“We take great pleasure in presenting the Outstanding Agriculture Teacher Award to Steven

Schultz, recognizing his extraordinary commitment to shaping the future of agriculture through

education,” says Luree Williamson, CEO, Ag for Life. “Schultz’s passion and dedication have

significantly influenced students, preparing them for important roles within the agriculture


“I was honoured to receive the Outstanding Agricultural Teacher Award with my students

present, as they are the inspiration behind my agricultural programs,” says Schultz. “Thank you

to Ag for Life for promoting agriculture education, providing resources to all teachers and for

taking the time to recognize the good work my students and I are doing around agricultural and environmental education. We hope this award inspires other teachers and students to start this incredible journey around food.”

Ag for Life is committed to celebrating educators like Schultz and plans to continue presenting

the Outstanding Agriculture Teacher Award annually, aiming to honour more exceptional

educators. Additionally, a new Outstanding Agriculture Volunteer Award will be introduced next year to recognize individuals supporting agriculture education and community engagement.


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