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Ag for Life Receives Funding for Sustainable Youth Challenge

Funded by the Government of Canada’s Sustainable Development Goals Program

CALGARY – Alta. – Agriculture for Life (Ag for Life) is excited to announce that it has received grant funding from the Government of Canada’s Sustainable Development Goals program to develop its Sustainable Youth Challenge (SYC). A program that supports and empowers youth to have a voice while gaining valuable experience in learning to be the drivers of change.

The SYC is a curriculum-linked assignment presenting an opportunity for students to explore, understand and solve real-world problems. The program is designed to educate and engage students with the world’s 17 SDGs and provide opportunities to pioneer innovative solutions that address some of the world's biggest challenges related to agriculture. The challenge provides opportunities for students to engage in integrative, inquiry-based education and be given the tools to problem solve and innovate realistic solutions.

“Youth are the driving force behind the wheel of change. With this challenge, we hope to further empower youth by enabling them to innovate new ideas in solving global challenges, while providing an exciting educational experience full of learning, teamwork and productive competition,” says Luree Williamson, CEO, Agriculture for Life.

Ag for Life will host a teacher workshop prior to starting the pilot program in October. The workshop will consist of three presenters with mixed backgrounds and will offer teachers valuable insight into the challenge and what is entailed for student success. After the challenge completion date, students will be invited to a virtual challenge celebration where the winners will be announced and awarded prizes. Ag for Life’s judging panel and program advisory committee is made up of Doug Beever (Sustin), Mel Wilson (MJ Wilson Inc.), Josee Lusignan (I Love First Peoples), Lauren Barredo (SDSN Global), Leor Rotchild (CBSR), Ayman Chowdhury (Global Compact) and Jon Beale (SDSN Canada).

“As we look to find solutions for tomorrow’s challenges, it’s imperative that our youth are actively engaged in the thought process and taking a leadership role in attaining the 2030 SDGs,” says Williamson. “When students feel inspired and empowered, everyone wins.”

For more information on the SYC please visit Keep an eye out on Ag for Life Facebook, Instagram and their website for program updates this summer and fall.

Ag for Life aims to foster through education, an understanding and appreciation of agriculture and its fundamental connection to life.

About Ag for Life

Since its founding in 2011, Agriculture for Life (Ag for Life) has played a vital role in educating Albertans about agriculture, food, farming and safety. Working in collaboration with agriculture and education communities, Ag for Life develops, expands and offers hands-on educational programming to children, youth and adults throughout the province and beyond via virtual learning classrooms and other digital assets.


For more information, contact:

Irena Ceko, Communications Specialist



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