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DIY Christmas Ornaments

Updated: Jun 7

Try making these adorable Christmas tree ornaments with the kids. It's fun, easy and you only need a few materials to get started!

General Instructions for all Ornaments:

1) Patterns are on an 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper. Print off each one on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper to achieve proper size.

2) Cut out pattern pieces and trace onto card stock to make a sturdy re-usable pattern. Cut out.

3) Trace each piece onto Craft foam and cut out just inside the pencil lines so no pencil marks are left.

4) Where indicated, cut slits for candy canes before gluing.

5) Animal eyes are made from pompoms or cut out from craft foam with a hole punch.

6) When gluing pieces together, use sparse strokes. A little goes a long way. Keep a wet cloth handy to help keep fingers clean and wash off excess glue blobs. You might want to put a small amount of glue into a container and use a small paintbrush to add the glue.

7) Once your ornament is glued together, set aside for the glue to dry completely.

8) Ornaments can be used as small gifts as is, an ornament to hang on the tree or a parcel tag. Most of the ornaments can hang from the candy cane or you can add a hanger with a needle and thread or fishing line. For parcel tags, you can write right on the foam.

9) Have fun with it! Experiment with different colours, decorations, ribbons, bows or anything else you can think of!


  • Craft foam sheets ( easy to find at dollar stores)

  • Candy Canes

  • Scissors, Tacky Glue, Pencil

  • Hole Punch

  • Decorations: ribbon, pompoms, star confetti

  • Optional: small jar lid and old small paintbrush

  • Card stock, any colour for making patterns

*Parents Note: These ornaments can also be successfully made out of felt if your crafters are more experienced. Felt is harder to work with. You need to use sharper scissors for more precise cutting and work cleaner with your glue.

Boot and Christmas Tree Ornaments

Mouse Ornament

Cat Ornament

Pig Ornament

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