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Food for thought, or in this case sleep!

Having troubles catching your Z's? Eat a Kiwi!

Scientists from Taiwan found that eating two kiwis an hour before bed helps people nod off faster and sleep better. The researchers measured the sleep quality of 24 volunteers with sleep troubles, before and after a month of eating kiwis every night, and found that every aspect of their sleep improved.

People fell asleep more quickly, slept more soundly, their overall sleep time increased and their sleep efficiency (the amount of time spent sleeping compared with the total time spent in bed) improved.

Another trick....add more fibre and less saturated fat and sugar to your diet. A study at New York's Columbia University found that people who ate more fibre spent longer in deep sleep, while higher intakes of fat were associated with less restorative sleep. A high sugar intake was also associated with more interrupted sleep.

It's worth a try!

May you have a good night!


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