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How to Draw a Cartoon Cow

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Unleash your creativity and learn how to draw your very own herd of cattle. 🐄🎨

This delightful kids' activity provides easy-to-follow instructions that guide young artists through the process of creating their very own masterpiece.

  1. Start with turning your paper to landscape position (long side on the bottom & top).

  2. Starting in the upper left corner of your paper, draw a large ‘U’ (head) that is tilted to the right.

  3. Add two half circles (ears) at the top of each part of your ‘U’.

  4. In the middle of the top of the ‘U’ you can draw a cloud shape.

  5. Then connect the cloud to each of the two half circles.

  6. Now draw a curved rectangle (body) that attaches to the lower part of your ‘U’.

  7. Underneath the body you can now draw four narrow vertical rectangles (legs).

  8. Then add a line at the bottom of each leg (hooves).

  9. At the top back of your cow, draw a curved line (tail).

  10. Add a small partial cloud at the end of the curved line (end of tail).

  11. Draw curved line at the bottom of of your ‘U’ (mouth).

  12. Add two short straight lines under the curved line (nose).

  13. Add two eyes.

  14. Add details to your cow including markings and spots.

Download Instructions:

How to Draw a Cartoon Cow
Download PDF • 393KB


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